Medical Acupuncture

Acupuncture encourages your body to promote natural healing and improve overall functioning.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

According to classical Chinese medicine, acupuncture treatment is done by inserting tiny needles into your body to stimulate channels of energy that run in regular patterns through your body and over its surface.

These channels run through your body like rivers and exist to nourish your body’s tissues. Many people have obstructions in the movement of these energy rivers. The obstructions act like dams that block the natural flow of energy to your tissues, which limits your function.

Gently inserting a needle into a specific acupuncture point unblocks the obstruction and re-establishes the natural energy flow throughout your body, which releases you from pain. The medical explanation is that the acupuncture treatment stimulates your nervous system to release your body’s natural chemical flow into your muscles, spinal chord, brain, and tissue. Acupuncture encourages your body’s internal regulating system to improve function and change your experience of pain.

How Is Medical Acupuncture Different From Other Acupuncture?

Medical acupuncture is performed by a doctor who is trained and licensed in Western medicine. In addition his education as an M.D., Dr. Tom is thoroughly trained in acupuncture as a specialty practice.

Do I need Medical Acupuncture?

Following your medical diagnosis, Dr. Peterson may discuss the benefits of including medical acupuncture as part of your treatment plan. How and why people get blocks in their energy varies with each person. The blocks may be caused by physical or emotional trauma, injury, aging, or other day−to−day things that happen to all of us.

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