Frequently Asked Questions

I’m ready for Bio-identical Hormone Optimization Therapy. What do I do next?

If you are ready to take the next step, please fill out our Contact Form on this website or just give us a call at (541)870-2845. Dr. Peterson will contact you to schedule your initial  consultation, which can be done in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Are Bio-identical Hormones safe?

You may have heard that hormones can cause cancer. While numerous studies indicate that synthetic or pharmaceutically produced hormones may contribute to cancer, Bio-identical Hormones do not. In fact, properly balanced Bio-identical Hormone Optimization Therapy can protect your from certain cancers. Until sometime after we turn of 35, our bodies produce lots of hormones whose purpose is to rebuild cells, maintain strength, help us heal from injury and so much more. Over time our natural hormone production declines, causing us to experience a signs of aging. While nothing can reverse aging, Bio-identical Hormone Optimization Therapy can help you get back your youthful vigor.

What is a Personalized Annual Plan?

Key Largo Regenerative Medicine’s Bio-identical Hormone Optimization Therapy is an annual program designed to revitalize your youthful energy, sense of well-being, and physical health. Dr. Peterson offers state-of-the-art Bio-identical Hormone Optimization Therapy that focuses on your specific health needs. Your Personalized Annual Plan is offered at $890 for the first year and $475 for subsequent years. Your first year’s payment is due at the time of service. You may, however, make payments in three installments at $300 per month. (A surcharge will be added for use of credit or debit cards.) Dr. Peterson’s annual fee does not include blood tests or prescriptions, which will be used to address your individual needs.

Can I use my health insurance?

Today’s health insurance is more limited and more expensive than ever before. Generally, health insurance is designed to pay for diseases and injuries that happen during the policy term. Most health insurance providers pay only for pharmaceuticals, surgery, or other traditional treatments. Unlike physicians who rely on drugs to address your health concerns, Dr. Peterson offers medical treatments that use your body’s natural ability to heal. Key Largo Regenerative Medicine focuses on two primary patient goals (1) returning your youthful vitality using Bio-identical Hormone Optimization Therapy, and (2) treating chronic pain without surgery by enhancing your body’s natural ability to heal itself. By avoiding the high cost of the bureaucracy and complexities involved in billing health insurance, we can keep our fees reasonable and affordable.